Thursday, September 19, 2013

back on July 15 i took a shot and then submitted it to the Oregon historical society for something they were calling dayshoot30. 30 years ago on July 15,1983 the Oregon historical society requested photographers to take pictures on one day in Oregon. pictures were submitted and then the best were chosen and a book was made to celebrate Oregon. now 30 years later they decided to do this shoot again. they received over 3000 pictures and 100 videos. mine was one of the 30 that were chosen to celebrate this shoot. today i met with the curator of the show at Portland international airport. the pictures will be displayed there for the next 6 months. so if anyone is planning to fly through Portland, check out this show. it is on concourse A. here is another feather in my photographic hat i can go woooo-whooo about.

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